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Contending for the faith (1)

When we view the situation in some of the historic denominations in the United Kingdom, we see how they are…

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September 2016

International – Eisteddfod outreach

In 1947 an international musical eisteddfod (festival) was held in Llangollen seeking to bring war-torn countries together. It has been…


September 2016

Politics – Abortion fears

Theresa May’s new cabinet poses challenges to pro-lifers, according to anti-abortion campaigners. Paul Tully, director of parliamentary research for the…


September 2016

International – French tragedy response

Nice has welcomed the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, an international coalition of crisis-trained chaplains. The team journeyed to France…


September 2016

PERSONAL VIEW: Brexit reflection

‘Vote leave’ supporters seemed as surprised as everyone else that Britons decided to exit the EU on 23 June 2016.…

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War and Faith
Don Stephens

This is a sequel to Don Stephens’ highly successful book War and grace (EP); it is essentially more of the same. War and faith looks at the life story, conversion and subsequent Christian life of eight men and women whose…

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Theodore Beza – The Man and the Myth
Shawn D. Wright

This title opens with, ‘Theodore Beza? Who’s he? Why should I care about him?’ The author (associate professor of church history at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) answers these questions with warmth and clarity. Three reasons are given for writing.…

A great blessing to me — John Newton encounters George Whitefield
Grant Gordon

This is a delightful study of a fruitful friendship between two evangelical leaders of the eighteenth century. George Whitefield was probably England’s greatest preacher. John Newton was a pastor, spiritual counsellor and hymn writer. Both men deserve to be better…

A Survey of Church History (Part 6) DVD
W. Robert Godfrey

This is a series of twelve, approximately 25-minute lectures on DVD, surveying the history of the church in the twentieth century. The first lecture is a general introduction to the century which saw both the best and the worst things…