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Dr J. I. Packer (1926–2020)

J. I. Packer went to be with the Lord on 17 July 2020. He was 93 years old. Packer was…

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Peter Maiden (1948–2020)

Peter Maiden, the former International Director of Operation Mobilisation (OM) and former chairman of the Keswick Convention, died on 14…


Sudan: Christians celebrate the abolition of deadly…

Christians are celebrating after the new Sudanese government abolished the country’s apostasy law. Until the law was removed, Muslims in…


Netherlands: MP wants to allow euthanasia for…

A new law is being proposed in the Netherlands to legalise euthanasia for healthy people over the age of 75.…


Chile: Covid-19 arrests of pastors ruled unconstitutional

Chilean pastors who were wrongfully arrested for holding worship services during the Covid-19 crisis have won their case setting a…

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George Whitefield: The First Transatlantic Revivalist
Nigel Scotland

This book is better than its title might suggest. Although Charles Finney, the ‘father of modern revivalism’, considered George Whitefield to be ‘a progenitor of his own revival techniques’ (p.307), such comparison misleads far more than it informs. Whitefield adopted…

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Columba: the Faith of an Island Soldier (Biography)
Bruce Ritchie

I enjoyed this book, which can be read at different levels. Scholars of pre-Roman Western Christianity will find it highly informative. For those of a less academic bent it will be like peering through a window and seeing a world…

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A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Understanding Suicide and Euthaniasia – A Contemporary and Biblical Perspective
Eryl Davies

It is with sensitivity and a pastoral heart that Eryl Davies addresses these complex and controversial issues. Statistics alone demand that a biblical perspective is given to these topics. In 1969, an estimated 51% of the UK population was in…

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Who Am I? Human Identity and the Gospel in a Confusing World
Thomas Fretwell

In today’s secular society, religion is often regarded as without rational or scientific basis, and therefore irrelevant to life in the modern world and all areas of public engagement. If that is our social context, then it is no wonder…