Joseph the Dream Interpreter

Joseph the Dream Interpreter
Jacqueline Pountney
31 July, 2012 2 min read
Joseph the Dream Interpreter

Helen Clark
Day One Publications
160, £6.00
ISBN: 978-1-84625-305-8
Star Rating: 4

This well presented book published by Day One is one of a series by Helen Clark. It follows the life of Joseph and although as Helen Clark states in her introduction; most people will have heard of Joseph – even if only as a theatre production and from school or Sunday school stories; she also points out there is always more that can be learnt from looking at his life.

The book is probably aimed at teenagers although there is no age recommendation given in the book. The tone of the book is certainly aimed at young people although I am sure that young Christians of any age would find it beneficial. It is written in an easy to read style with each chapter starting with sections of the biblical account of Joseph with the relevant Scripture verses for reading first. All Scripture references are from the 1984 NIV version.

Each chapter is then broken up into ‘Messages for today’ and ‘Examples’ so you have practical and up to date examples and summaries relevant to young people today, interspersed with more detail from the Biblical text. Each chapter finishes with a ‘Think Tank’ which gives questions for further discussion and other Scripture readings to promote further study.

This is an excellent resource for teenagers and would I feel, be very good for Youth Groups or young people’s Bible study groups. It is very readable and as there are 12 chapters in the book, it could give group leaders three months worth of good study material. It could also be used as personal devotional material and for a young Christian needing more insight into the way God leads his people through seemingly trying and difficult times, it would be a very encouraging read.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book and would like to read the other four books in this series. Helen Clark is a clear and able writer and a much needed resource for teenagers who tend to have less Christian literature written for them.

Mrs Jacqueline Pountney


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