Luke 1-13: The year of the Lord’s favour

Luke 1-13: The year of the Lord’s favour
Dave Cox
21 October, 2022 1 min read

Author: Dale Ralph Davis
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
264 pages
Purchase from: Christian Focus (£14.99)

If you’ve read any of Dale Ralph Davis’s commentaries, you’ll know what to expect: thought-provoking Bible exposition frequently illustrated from American history. This volume on the first half of Luke’s Gospel doesn’t disappoint in that respect.

The style of writing is down to earth and descriptive, with vivid and varied illustrations ranging from baseball to the Soviet Union, from Abraham Lincoln to George Whitfield. As a reader I found myself drawn into the scenes, a fly on the wall as Jesus disputed with Pharisees, healed lepers, and taught his disciples.

Don’t misread me though: it’s not a shallow read. It would be a ‘go-to’ resource for anyone who wants to dig deeper into Luke’s Gospel, and a worthy addition to every preacher’s bookshelf. The book explains Greek words and phrases simply, and there are frequent footnotes that provide further technical detail for anyone who’s interested. And perhaps most importantly, there is frequent and direct application to the soul: Davis pulls no punches, he challenges and encourages, and he points us to Christ.

There is a second volume, on Luke 14–24, available for purchase – and I’ve just bought it!

Dave Cox
Nelson, South Wales

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