Missionary Spotlight – Serving in Cambodia

David Koo
01 May, 2008 2 min read

Serving in Cambodia

When I became a born-again Christian my goals were completely turned around. From that time, I began to share the truths of my new-found faith in Christ with whoever I met. I shared them with my family members, relatives, friends, fellow office staff and church.

When I was appointed to take charge of a Sunday school class, it consisted of just one child. As time went by, the Lord blessed my class and it began to grow. Slowly, the number of children increased to about thirty. At the same time I was evangelising adults. It grieves me to think that there are many people in the world who are going to hell without knowing our Lord Jesus. I was stirred up and convicted that I should be a missionary. I asked God that he would use me as an instrument for his work wherever he deemed fit.


After much prayer the Lord opened a door for me to be a full-time servant of the Lord. I eventually graduated from Bob Jones Seminary in Korea and furthered my studies at Far East Bible College in Singapore.

While I was studying in FEBC, my principal and lecturer Rev. Timothy Tow encouraged me to become a missionary in South East Asia. In July 1997, Cambodia was going through a civil war. This news was brought to my attention practically every night. The Spirit of God gave me a vision for reaching Cambodia.

At that time, three Korean brethren studying in FEBC decided to make a journey into Cambodia as short-term missionaries during the summer vacation. On their return, they told me of the great need for missionaries – the harvest is truly plenteous but the labourers are few.

In September 1997 I visited Cambodia and committed my life to being a missionary to Cambodia (Kampuchea). Now, by the sustaining grace and mercy of our Lord, I have been here almost five years. Kampuchea has opened its doors to the world and to the preaching of the gospel without hindrance. Many Cambodians have received our Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

By God’s grace, we have planted and established 15 churches in various areas. Currently we have more than 50 Bible students, 80 kindergarten children and over 100 English and computer students enrolled with us. May our Lord’s name be praised for evermore!

David Koo

(Adapted from Frontlines in the Gospel Mission Fields, Maranatha Bible Presbyterian Church, 2003)

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