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Tim Martin
01 February, 2010 1 min read

Tribute to Enid

Just days after Peter and Enid Lawrence’s golden wedding anniversary, Enid was swept into eternity in a fatal road accident on 5 November 2009.

Loved ones, friends, neighbours and the fellowship at Slapton and Wappenham Independent Evangelical Church were all stunned by this sudden sadness.

The days that followed were bitter-sweet for many who mourned the loss. They believed Enid to be ‘with Christ, which is far better’, and prayed that the solemn providence would be a wake-up call to many sleeping in their sins.

A vast congregation gathered in an overflowing chapel on the funeral day. Everyone loved Enid! The word given from Ruth 1:14 talked of the final separation of those two women, Ruth and Orpah, who loved the motherly Naomi. Only Ruth clung to Naomi and her God.

Borrowing King David’s lament over the fallen, we can safely say that Enid was ‘lovely and beautiful’ in her life. She was a mother to many, possessed of the rarest tender-hearted kindness, thoughtfulness and gentleness, and was always tirelessly active in the service of others.

Enid was a humble, self-effacing, quiet believer who said little but did much and, in so doing, brought strength and stability to the local church. Such souls are as precious to the church militant as the mightiest preachers and most dynamic doctors of divinity.

Tim Martin

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