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2019 Argyll Convention

November 2019 | by Archie McPhail

Left to right, Alex MacDonald, Alasdair Paine and George Cringles.
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‘This is real unity, not fake’. This comment was made by Alasdair Paine, one of the speakers at the Argyll Convention which took place in Oban in August.

Leaders of evangelical churches in Argyll had organised this Bible conference for the seventh year in succession. No doubt the ‘warmth’ that people mentioned is felt when the Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy One of God are at the centre.

Alasdair showed us the problems facing the church in Philippi – all too familiar today. He also showed how the apostle dealt with them, calling us to share in the Spirit of him who ‘humbled himself’ and to ‘rejoice in the Lord’ as we remember who he is.

The danger of self-righteousness was highlighted, alongside the wonder of Christ’s sovereign work; even Paul’s imprisonment assisted gospel work rather than hindering it.

Christ was the subject of Alex MacDonald’s addresses. We understood the woman of Samaria better and we saw how the Lord deals with people. We marvelled at his grace and saving power through the eyes of the demoniac of Gadara. We also rejoiced as we heard how Jesus came to the defence of Mary of Bethany. What a lesson for us today – ‘She has done what she could’.

These themes were apparent in the afternoon meetings also. People helped by MAF, Open Doors, and CARE came alive. We learned something of what Christ meant when he said, ‘Love one another, as I have loved you’.

Someone who had returned to her hometown from Canada commented, ‘You want the whole of Oban to hear it’. Yes, and the whole world. The next event is scheduled for August 4th to 6th in 2020, with Wayne Sutton and Andy Prime as the main speakers.

Archie McPhail

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