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Argyll Convention

October 2014 | by Archie McPhail

Scotland’s West Highlands were at their beautiful best when the town of Oban hosted the second Argyll Convention in August.

Hector Morrison (Highland Theological College) and Richard Bewes complemented one another as they opened the Scriptures: Mr Morrison showed us Christ redeeming, rising, and reigning, from Isaiah 52 and 53; Mr Bewes reminded us that ‘the time is near’, as he preached on Revelation 21 and 22. His wide experience of church life, especially among the persecuted, came across as he echoed the words, ‘Come, I will show you the bride’. It was unforgettable.

Children’s writer Carine MacKenzie gave timely advice about the gospel in the home, and Mr Morrison gave a moving address on the history of revival in his native Island of Lewis.

More details on this and next year’s convention (4-6 August) are on and Facebook.

Archie McPhail

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