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Berlin progress

June 2014 | by Ben Wilkerson

In September 2012, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales began to hold a monthly church-planting Bible study in Berlin.

The work began through the friendship of Rev. Dr Kevin Bidwell and two young Germans aboard the MV Doulos. Kevin Bidwell led a voluntary Bible study on the book of Romans, and the two Germans, Marius Wahrlich and Dominik Frank, and many others, came to Reformed convictions during that study.

When Dr Bidwell began to focus on planting the work in Sheffield, the two Germans told him not to forget their country and, over the course of a few years, it became clear that a church-planting nucleus was growing in Berlin.

In February 2013, a minister from Cheltenham Presbyterian Church, Rev. Andy Young, led a study on the biblical basis for creeds and confessions. Seventeen people of all ages joined the study and the number is slowly growing.

Two centres

By the Lord’s providence, the church-planting Bible studies in Berlin have continued and there are now two studies in the city, one in the northwest and one in the southwest. The church-planting work has been given its own worship facilities in the southwest, but nothing has been set up permanently in the northwest.

In February this year, two trial worship services were held, a morning service in the northwest and an evening service in the southwest. Both services were led by Johannes Müller, a native German seminary student who has come to Presbyterian convictions, and both congregations were greatly encouraged.

The need for Reformed and Presbyterian churches in Berlin is great and the Germans who are involved in this work are excited about it. They have published the Westminster Standards in their own language as their confessional standard, along with a German hymn book.

Mr Müller, who led the trial worship services, has nearly completed his ministerial training and is planning on moving to Berlin in September to help with the work. Please join them in prayer and support (more information at:

Ben Wilkerson




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