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Bracknell church bids farewell

September 2006 | by Michael Bentley

On Sunday 23 July, Easthampstead Baptist Church in South Hill Road, Bracknell, said goodbye to its senior minister, Rev. Dane Baker, and his wife Blanche and family after sixteen years of faithful service to the church and the town.

The church was full for the service, which included a ‘This is your EBC Life’ event when many people told of the impact Dane and Blanche had made on their lives. There were stories from long-term church members as well as those who had moved away.

Dane’s vision that the church should be accessible to all was realised nine years ago when a complete refurbishment of the building was made. This has transformed the way in which the church is able to serve the community. The comfortable rooms now available mean that the church building is open every day and not just Sundays.

Under Dane’s leadership two other congregations have been formed by the church. One of these meets in the school at Crown Wood and the other, Explore, which has a more informal atmosphere, meets in the Sports Centre.

Around 150 shared in the BBQ in the church grounds after the service.

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