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Christian marriage

January 2015

The church must do more to reach young men and disciple them, if it is to back up what it claims to believe about Christian marriage, a Cambridge think-tank has said.

Citing studies which prove there are 50 per cent fewer men than women in the church, meaning that more than 2 million women in the UK will never be able to marry a Christian man, the Engage Network think-tank has challenged the church to help its Christians get married.

During a national symposium last year, speakers called upon the church to deliver good teaching around Christian singleness, dating, relationships and marriage.

Carl Beech, international director of Christian Vision for Men, chaired the event and spoke on how the church can be involved in much more effective evangelism and discipleship among men.

David Pullinger, independent researcher and writer, agreed that churches could do much more to support those who are unmarried.

Canon Dr Adrian Chatfield, co-chairman of Engage, said, ‘The church is creating major barriers to Christian marriage, but we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from symposium participants saying that they are now better equipped with solutions to tackle the issues and make Christian marriage possible.

‘Every one of us is affected; we all need to take action’. The talks are free to view at





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