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Conference – Northumberland Bible teaching

September 2016 | by George Curry

‘Another excellent weekend!’ That is what those who attended the Northumberland Bible teaching weekend said.

Sponsored by Longhorsley Mission Church, Kevin Bidwell (Sheffield) and Derek Cleave (Bristol) addressed the 200-plus attendees who gathered on 2-4 July 2016. In three sessions, Mr Bidwell opened up our call as Christians to run, wrestle and box.

Mr Cleave, also in three sermons, ably helped us explore the obedience of Abraham. Though not perfect, Abraham, the friend of God, learned dedication to the Lord when he left his homeland and separated himself from the ways of the world, and self-denial as he heeded the call of God. George Curry (Newcastle upon Tyne) preached on the call of Paul as described in Romans 1:5ff.

The people of God, mainly but not exclusively, from across the north east of England went home challenged to be immersed in the life of a local church. They were shown how vital it is to help each other develop self control and the skills needed to ‘run the race set before us’, to wrestle with and prevail over the wiles of the devil and world, and to ensure we do not merely box air.

Above all, they were taken to the example of Jesus Christ. From him we learn that God’s Word is our final authority in all matters of faith and conduct; that we are to willingly submit to the rule of Scripture, having sought the right interpretation of it.

God willing, a similar weekend of Bible teaching will be held from 1-3 July 2017.

George Curry



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