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Encouragement in Cromer

October 2014 | by Jon Davies

Tuesday 19 August dawned with torrential rain in Cromer. Plans had been made for the church to be open from 10.30am, with invitations given for refreshments throughout the morning and afternoon.

During carnival week, Cromer is packed with visitors. Contact with local folk has always been difficult to establish, but this year we are glad that more links were made with local residents and those in the area.

Christian literature and leaflets were distributed in the town and a literature table placed outside the building. A board was taken down to the promenade, either to help grasp attention while preaching took place or to encourage questions and conversation.

Between 12-15 people gathered to pray at 9.30am, to ask the Lord to guide and provide in whatever way was best. We sought his leading and glory and prayed that the Lord would be present in the children’s activities, planned to take place indoors.

We asked for protection, courage, willingness, loving hearts, and to speak clearly of the hope within us. We prayed for the weather that the Lord thought best for the day. At 10.00am the rain lessened and the sky cleared to a warm sun and a fine day. Our plans could go ahead. Wednesday was bright and sunny.

Special blessing

Looking back, we can thank God for two days of the warmest fellowship and a concerted sense of endeavour that united us in serving the Lord and sharing the gospel.

We feel that the Lord blessed us in a special way. Children came in and enjoyed their craft activities; parents and others flocked in to drink coffee and chat. More than any other year, conversations about the gospel began to take place.

More than 1000 leaflets were distributed. Some came and asked for literature, tracts and booklets from the table, and the board on the prom provoked conversation as never before.

We feel that more conversations about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ took place, in greater depth than we have known; and there were a few people, across the age range, who inquired sincerely and with a sense of need.

Both days were blessed in this way. No preaching took place, but many passers-by took leaflets and stopped to talk. Folk from the Cromer church were joined by others from Norwich, Stowmarket and Wigan. Many invitations were given to come to hear the gospel preached on the Sunday and two people came.

As always, we leave the bringing of fruit to the work of the Holy Spirit. We continue to pray that the Lord will be glorified through what he empowered us to do. We thank him.

Jon Davies




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