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Event – 50 years of service

May 2016 | by Michael Keen

At the end of February, the pastoral ministry of Geoff Thomas at Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, officially came to an end. It was just last November that a well-attended weekend of meetings marked 50 years of his ministry there.

His role as preacher-pastor has been as significant locally as it has been internationally, with him starting a Christian bookshop and a prayer meeting for revival, for example.

Teaching pastors in Kenya, trips to the US, and sermons available on the internet have all faithfully contributed to gospel work.

Geoff has mentored more than 30 students who have now become ministers themselves, and written a number of books and articles — with more to come we hope! It is with a great sense of gratitude to God we can speak of this and thank God for such a long and awakening expository ministry.

Michael Keen


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