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Event – Christian Heritage exhibition

December 2018 | by Roland Burrows

The Christian Heritage Centre continued to see a good number of visitors visit its exhibition during this summer. Situated in Providence Chapel in Rowley Regis, near Birmingham, it was set up to demonstrate the impact that Christianity has had on our country.

The story of Christianity in Britain is told through a series of nearly 50 illustrated and written panels, along with a large collection of artefacts and objects. Besides regular visitors, in August the centre was pleased to welcome a group from City Church, Birmingham. That same month was the occasion of our summer cream tea and second-hand book sale, which was extremely well-attended.

The centre held its annual local exhibition in September, opening daily for this, and was favoured with 200 visitors. October is the month of our autumn lectures, and once again we were privileged to welcome Geoff Thomas to the centre. He gave two excellent lectures on Welsh preachers, focusing on the ministry of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who ministered at Westminster Chapel, London, during the mid-twentieth century.

We look forward this November to hosting our first high school visit of the autumn term. We are more than grateful to the faithful band of helpers and supporters who enable us to continue in this ministry.

Gratitude is also expressed to friends up and down the country who have donated items for the displays, and others who have given second-hand books that are sold in our sales to raise funds for the work. The winter book sale is scheduled to be held on Saturday 1 December, between 2.00-5.00pm.

We are much aware of God’s help in this work, and look to him to sustain and help us further develop the activities of the centre. For more information, visit

Roland Burrows

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