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Exeter church marks three special anniversaries at once

July 2019 | by Jonathan Munday

Tom Cook, John Saunders, Brian Ashley, Jonathan Munday
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On Saturday 27 April, Exeter Independent Evangelical Church marked a triple anniversary.

Twenty years ago, the church was established in the St Thomas area of Exeter. Ten years later, a pastor was called. Five years after that, the church moved to its current premises in the Heavitree region of the city.

From as far afield as Bideford and Plymouth, Christian friends gathered to give thanks to God for these mercies.

The visiting minister for the weekend was John Saunders from Chichester. On the Saturday he preached from 2 Samuel on David’s amazement at God’s grace to him in the past, present and future. We ourselves were reminded to be overwhelmed at the extent of God’s grace in our lives.

On Sunday morning, the message was from Mark 2. Levi (or Matthew), the publicans and sinners, and the scribes and Pharisees were introduced by John before he examined Jesus’ dealings with each. It was a clear gospel message, beneficial to both believers and unbelievers.

On Sunday evening, the message was from Psalm 143. For many reasons, David was often in spiritual distress. Yet when he was, he would often remember days of old and would meditate on the works of the Lord. It was a particularly blessed message indeed, especially for sorely tried believers.

We thank the Lord for his ongoing provision for the church over the last twenty years. We also give thanks for the ministry, fellowship and encouragement afforded by the anniversary weekend.

Jonathan Munday

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