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Hayes ladies’ day

April 2014 | by Joy Harris

This years’ ladies conference at Hayes Town Chapel was on the subject of personal evangelism, and our guest speaker was Daphne Ross from Farnham Baptist Church.

She divided the day into three parts. She talked first on preparing ourselves to evangelise. She based this on 2 Corinthians 5:11-21, saying that all believers are called to be witnesses and we need to prepare ourselves for this.

She reminded us of the great importance of prayer. God will use us wherever we are, if we ask him to do so. Secondly, she spoke on opening up conversations with people, giving good suggestions on how we can do this. We need to understand people, their worldview and their situation in life.

Her key advice was to be friendly, ask open-ended questions, share about yourself, do not be afraid to raise the subject, and ‘take the shortest route to Jesus’.

Her third topic was on the hard questions that people ask, such as why there is suffering; or questions about science, contemporary issues, other religions and death.

We finished with a very helpful time of sharing and prayer. The whole day was encouraging and challenging, and I am sure that all the ladies there found it as helpful as I did.

We were given good advice to help us to talk more openly to our neighbours, friends, work colleagues and those we come across in our daily lives. Daphne encouraged us to share Jesus with them in a gentle, loving and honest way.

Joy Harris







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