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King’s College, New York

June 2014 | by John Thornbury

Greg Thornbury has been installed as the sixth president of King’s College in New York City, USA.

King’s College was founded 75 years ago by the evangelist Percy Crawford and has had a distinguished history. It is fair to say that the modern school was the brain child of Bill Bright, founder and president of Campus Crusade.

For many years the school met in the Empire States Building, but is located now on Broadway, near the heart of the financial district of New York. George Washington took his oaths of office as first president of the US, right across the street.

Last autumn, upon the resignation of the former president, a search committee began the process of finding a replacement. About 40 applicants, some with impressive résumés applied, and finally Greg Thornbury, who had headed the school of theology at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, was chosen.

The inauguration took place in the magnificent Fifth Presbyterian Church on Fifth Avenue, with a large crowd in attendance. On the programme were people such as David Dockery, president of Trinity International University; Robert George, professor of jurisprudence at Princeton; and Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religion Commission.  Conducting the installation was Andrew Mills, chairman of the college board. Mr Thornbury’s acceptance speech to the listening faculty, guests and students was a stirring call for action and Christian witness.

Mixing biblical texts, citations of people from various influential disciplines and references to the history of King’s, Mr Thornbury challenged the school to move forward in its mission to proclaim the gospel of Christ and to engage culture here, where more than any place in the world such influences are felt.

John F. Thornbury



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