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New ethics tutor for Pastors’ Academy

June 2020 | by John Tredgett

Revd. Matthew Mason
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The Pastors’ Academy in London has appointed its first Tutor in Christian Ethics, Revd Matthew Mason.

Dr Garry Williams, director of the Academy, said ‘The frontlines of attrition and conflict for the church are increasingly ethical. They concern what it means for us to flourish as human beings, with the world vaunting the Sovereign Self as the determiner of who I am.

‘If the church is to maintain its faithfulness to the liberating good news that our humanity is given by God and only flourishes within the patterns of life that he commands, then her pastors need the help of some deep ethical thinking and teaching.’

Revd Mason will be providing study days around the UK on various ethical topics. His current subject is ‘The wounded it heals: the gospel and the ethics of transgender’, with a study day scheduled for 17 June (bookings available via the Pastors’ Academy website).

Revd Mason was ordained in 2005 and served as Associate Rector of the Church of the Resurrection in Washington, DC. He led a church plant in Salisbury from 2014–18, and is a published author on the subject of gender dysphoria.

On taking up the role, Revd Mason said, ‘I am very thankful to God for this opportunity to help pastors think more clearly about the shape of a life that pleases God. Having served churches in the UK and the US, I know the demanding ethical challenges facing churches today.

‘In recent years I’ve done some thinking and writing in the areas of gender, sexuality, and transgender, and I’ve been forced to think hard about theological ethics in the context of hands-on pastoral ministry.

‘My big hope and prayer for this new role is that God will give pastors confidence to tackle ethical questions in their preaching, counselling, and evangelism, with faithfulness, wisdom, courage, and compassion.’

By John Tredgett

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