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New manager appointed by the Open-Air Mission

November 2019 | by David Fielding

Joe Bailey (L) welcomed by JP Earnest (R)
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In September, the Open-Air Mission welcomed Joe Bailey on to its staff as Administration Transition Manager and Evangelist. Initially, Joe will assist in updating administrative functions of the mission.

David Fielding, OAM Chairman, said, ‘Joe’s experience, gained in a modern commercial business over recent years, will be vital to us as we move forward’.

Much of this work had been undertaken by our Field Operations Manager, JP Earnest. We needed to ensure that JP was released to develop our evangelistic efforts, support the other evangelists and be the ‘face’ of the mission going forwards.

Joe Bailey was converted as a teenager through contact with a school science teacher who was a biblical creationist. ‘I couldn’t understand why he took the Bible so seriously’, Joe recalls.

‘After many break-time and lunch-time discussions, the Holy Spirit changed my heart and I began to believe that the Bible was God’s inspired and authoritative Word’.

Through reading Scripture, Christian literature and listening to online sermons, Joe came to saving faith in Christ.

He desired to share it with others. In 2008, a local pastor and former OAM evangelist invited Joe to the annual OAM Supporters Day.

Joe recalled, ‘My heart rejoiced to discover that other Christians were doing street evangelism throughout the UK and that there was a Christian organisation which existed to support this work! In 2009-10, I had the privilege of being a trainee evangelist with the Mission’.

Meanwhile, Joe attended university and subsequently worked in the family medical device business.

Now, ten years since his time as a trainee evangelist, the Lord has given Joe the opportunity to serve him fully in the OAM. He is a member of Melbourne Hall Evangelical Free Church in Leicester, which will be supporting Joe in his new role.

David Fielding

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    Believe on the Lord Jesus christ and thou shalt be saved for with the mouth confession is made unto salvation and the heart ♥ to righteousness

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