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New Tribes Mission

February 2013 | by Graham Castle

New Tribes Mission

More than a year after a wonderful conversion among the Siar people of Papua New Guinea, the new Siar church hosted a three-day conference for other tribes and tongues.
    New Tribes Mission (NTM) missionary Aimee Hedrick, who with her husband works with the Tigak people, said, ‘Tigak believers have just returned from their first ever believers’ church conference and it was awesome, with four tribes represented’.
    Mrs Hedrick said her Tigak group boated 30 minutes to town from their island and then crammed into a small truck for two and a half hours. After that, they switched to a big truck and rode four hours to a village of the Patpatar people. After spending the night there, they boated three more hours to Siar the following day.
    After one or two days of travelling various distances on bumpy dirt roads or by boat, the believers from these three tribes arrived in Siar and were assigned in groups to stay with different believers from the Siar church.
    Siar believers had been preparing for weeks. Homes were prepared, sleeping mats and food had been gathered and everything was ready to host their brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Thursday evening kicked off with a fellowship meal and the teaching was then shared by three missionaries and two Siar believers. Hearing individual testimonies and songs in the four languages represented was challenging and encouraging to all the believers gathered.
    When Sunday afternoon arrived, they all shared another meal together and the conference ended with another time of sharing. One of the most moving events was to see and hear a testimony of a Siar man the day he heard the gospel. This is on a five-minute DVD, readily available from [email protected]
Graham Castle

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