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News – Glory Road ministries

April 2009 | by Keith Creighton

Glory Road ministries


Imagine leaving home around 4 o’clock Sunday morning (while it’s still dark), going to the transport yard, climbing aboard your 40-ton truck, and heading off for the first delivery.

     Then spend the next three or four nights sleeping in your cab in a lay-by, truck-stop or industrial estate; and by day travel the country delivering and collecting various loads.

     You might finish your 60-hour plus working week early Friday evening. The wife and family are pleased to see you, eager to tell you all about their week, with its good bits and problems. All while you’re trying to wind down from the stresses of traffic, tight delivery schedules and an aching back!

     This is very much ‘normal’ life for most of the 500,000 HGV drivers in the UK. Their trucks not only deliver materials for factories; they deliver all the goods that you and I buy from shops. Tens of thousands of trucks are there just to keep shelves full in hundreds of supermarkets.

     Most drivers give little time to thinking of going to church, and temptations on the road and in truck-stops are great. This is why Glory Road ministries are taking the gospel to the driverswhere they are – on the road.


Uganda too


The work is seven years old and we now have over 250 supporters around the country. We have been gifted six vehicles, two mobile homes, and two 7.5-ton former mobile library vehicles fitted out with seats, shelving, video, sound, and tea/coffee supplies.

     The vehicles are used separately or together to visit lay-bys, truck-stops, exhibitions and churches – anywhere we can spread the gospel. We also have a sister ministry in Uganda spreading the Word throughout Central Africa. We are in contact with over 150 Christian drivers and have had the blessing of bringing drivers and families to the Lord.

     The drivers face many difficulties and dangers each day doing their job. Around 550 are killed or seriously injured each year. Visiting drivers in hospital usually a long way from their home is part of our ministry.

     We have bookstands in ten truck-stops around the country, from which we give away Bibles, books, CDs and Christian newspapers. We are happy to bring our vehicles to churches to speak about Glory Road, or to support an outreach as a mobile ‘hospitality’ vehicle.

 Keith Creighton

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