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News – Sussex youth conference

August 2007 | by Martin Humphrey

Sussex youth conference

This year’s Spring bank holiday saw this conference meeting at Hailsham Baptist Chapel. Mark Stocker opened up many aspects of Leviticus, considering especially three themes.

The first was on levitical sacrifices. Christ came as a perfect and willing sacrifice for us; in glad response to God, we are to ‘offer ourselves a living sacrifice’ to him. The second session was on Mosaic feasts, in particular First-fruits (Leviticus 23). This was a pledge of harvest still to come. So Christ rose from the dead as the firstborn of many brethren.

The third concerned the division of animals into clean and unclean (Leviticus 11). This emphasised that OT Jews were a holy people, separated to God. So, Christian believers are to avoid the world’s pollution.

In concluding, Roger Cook (Dorothea Mission) spoke on Paul’s letter to Titus. In all things we are to live ‘as lights in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation’.

The next conference is 1 September, when Hugh Collier (Great Ellingham) will be speaker (details: [email protected]).

Martin Humphrey

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