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Northeast Reformed Baptist conference

May 2020 | by Alan Brunton

About thirty people gathered in February for the latest in the series of Northeast Reformed Baptist Studies which took the form of a day conference.

Oliver Allmand-Smith
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Aycliffe Evangelical Church kindly loaned their building and facilities. The church was also generous enough to provide the welcome refreshments between sessions. A small bookstall was also available.

Oliver Allmand-Smith of Grace Trinity Church, Ramsbottom and an associate of Dr. James Renihan (founder of the International Reformed Baptist Seminary in Texas) spoke during the two sessions. He expounded the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith’s view of fellowship between independent churches.

He highlighted the need for biblical co-operation, especially in light of the weakness of many churches today. ‘Much food for thought’ was the response of one pastor.

The second session was on the Confession’s view of the covenant. Mr Allmand-Smith gave a sweeping overview of the Confession, highlighting its divergence from the Westminster Confession of Faith.

It served as a good introduction to the subject and a platform for further detailed study.

Alan Brunton

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