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Obituary: Dr Bill Cooper (1948–2021)

August 2021 | by John Tredgett

Bill Cooper
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Creationist author, historian, and speaker Dr William Cooper has died aged 73 following a short illness.

Bill Cooper was an alumnus of educational institutions in the UK (Kingston University, London) and the US (Emmanuel College of Christian Studies, Springdale, Arkansas).

He worked for the Creation Science Movement (based in Portsmouth), as well as the Tyndale Society. Bill penned many research papers for both organisations, eventually becoming Vice-President of the Creation Science Movement.

Bill’s better-known works include After the Flood (1995), which surveyed the period immediately following Noah’s Flood and traced connections between the genealogies of Genesis 10 and European history. Bill also authored The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis in 2011.

Besides creationism, Bill made scholarly contributions to the fields of palaeoanthropology, apologetics, and Reformation studies.

‘Ever the Scripture-informed historian,’ reflected James Johnson (Institute for Creation Research), ‘Dr Cooper’s advanced degrees included MA, PhD, and ThD, with dissertations on historical details relevant to 1 Timothy 4; researching how European secular histories corroborate [Genesis]; and uncovering the importance of Richard Hunne in Britain’s Protestant Reformation.’

Dr Cooper is survived by his two daughters and five grandchildren. Creation Ministries International released a statement saying, ‘Bill was an inspiration to many Christians in the UK and USA and other parts of the English-speaking world, and will be missed by family, friends, and many who did not get to meet him.’

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