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Obituary: Gwilym Roberts (1927–2020)

November 2020 | by Peter Milsom

Revd Gwilym Roberts, a faithful minister of the gospel, has died aged 93.

Gwilym was raised in Mold, North Wales. He completed National Service in the RAF and was impressed with the Christian commitment of two servicemen he befriended.

In 1947, Gwilym attended an outreach event in Mold. He felt convicted but was not yet converted to Christ.

The Mold Christian Youth Fellowship formed afterwards, and during an organised walk through the Clwydian hills, a member of the MCYF led Gwilym to the Lord.

Following his conversion, Gwilym began preaching in local chapels. He studied theology at Aberystwyth University and was involved in the Christian Union. He was also invited to become the first full-time Inter Varsity Fellowship Travelling Secretary in Wales.

After two years with IVF, Gwilym took on a pastorate in Tredegar. Later he would pastor churches in Holywell (from 1958) and then Caergwrle, near Wrexham (from 1966).

In the early 1970s, Gwilym grew concerned about the spiritual state and doctrinal drift of the Presbyterian Church of Wales. In 1972 he resigned as a minister of the PCW and established Caergwrle Evangelical Church, pastoring it until retirement in 1995.

A few weeks before he died, Gwilym was told by his consultant that no more treatment was available. Gwilym appreciated how difficult it was for a doctor to relay such news. He thanked the consultant for all he had done and said, ‘I’ve been a Christian for many years, and I believe that the next life is better than this life.’

Peter Milsom

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