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Obituary: Reverend Timothy Alford 1933-2018

February 2019 | by Sharon Scott

Rev. Timothy Alford
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Rev Timothy Alford went to be with the Lord on 6th December 2018, aged 84. Raised in Colerne, Wiltshire, Timothy believed from an early age under the influence of his family and Colerne Evangelical Church.

His pastor, Harry Matthews, brought Timothy to a turning point as he challenged him with Scripture. While still a teenager, he dedicated himself to serving God.

For years, Timothy was heavily involved in child evangelism. During this time, he married his beloved wife, Pansy (also from Colerne).

In the 1950s, Timothy was called to a pastorate at Saltford Evangelical Church, Somerset. While there, his two daughters, Sharon and Deborah, were born.

In the 1960s, Timothy moved to London with his family where he became pastor of The Slade Evangelical Church, Plumstead — a big change from rural life! Here, Matthew and Rachel were added to the family.

In 1967, the Alfords moved to Felixstowe, accepting the invitation of Bethesda Baptist Church. A further daughter Rebecca, was born, during the seven years spent there.

In 1974, the call to Great Victoria Baptist Church in troubled Belfast must have tested Timothy and Pansy’s faith. But God’s wisdom can be seen in the diversity of places served by Timothy. During ten years here, Timothy also visited Africa, beginning a lasting interest in the continent.

Timothy’s final church calling took him to Horsley Evangelical Church, Surrey. Visits to Africa continued, and in 1990 he became UK Director of Africa Inland Mission (AIM). Timothy visited every country served by AIM, providing pastoral care.

In 1998, Timothy retired, moving to Stowmarket. His love for the African people continued: he became involved with Pastor Training International, travelling to Africa to lead conferences and help distribute books for pastors. He also contributed book reviews to the Evangelical Times.

Towards the end of his life, Timothy spent several years devotedly caring for Pansy until she passed into the Lord’s presence on 26th December 2017. The following year was difficult for Timothy, grieving over Pansy and battling illness. However, he remained a man of steadfast faith.

Timothy leaves a legacy of a lifetime’s service. He was caring, compassionate and wise and will be fondly remembered by the many people he helped and influenced during his life.

Timothy is survived by his 5 children and 17 grandchildren, all of whom loved him dearly and feel a deep sense of loss.

Sharon Scott (nee Alford)

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