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Pastors launch website following Covid concerns

March 2021 | by John Tredgett

Angus Cameron
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In late 2020 three pastors – Dale Mcalpine, Angus Cameron, and Stephen Holland – began to meet via Zoom for mutual support and fellowship during the Covid-19 pandemic. They shared common concerns and frustrations over the blanket closure of UK churches.

Each believed in obedience to the government, but also held strongly to the principle that governments may not legislate against in-person gatherings of believers to worship.

Over time, additional men with like-minded concerns and convictions joined the trio’s regular Zoom meetings, and the total soon became 14.

This led to the formation of what the men chose to call the ‘Fellowship of Biblical Christians’ and the drafting of a Statement of Purpose and a Statement of Faith.

A dedicated website was also built, affirming that ‘The Fellowship of Biblical Christians was formed in the wake of… the sadly inadequate response of much of the church to the events of 2020. We believe that there are many Christians across the UK who feel dismayed at what has happened, and who long to see a more robust, biblical response from the church.

‘Amongst the many issues highlighted in 2020, it has been clear that the response of much of the church has been both superficial and inadequate. The history books will record that in 2020, church buildings were ordered to shut for a total of four months, which was the longest closure of church buildings since the Papal Interdict of 1208.’

The Fellowship continues to meet regularly via Zoom and hopes to raise awareness of their concerns via their website.

John Tredgett

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