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Reformed Anglicans in Brazil

January 2013 | by Josep Rossello

Reformed Anglicans in Brazil

In November last year, the Reformed Anglican Church of Brazil (RACB) had its third Synod, which met near to São Paulo city, Brazil.
    The Synod was a special time of refreshment and renewal for its members, as they sought the Lord and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    It was decided to ‘re-found’ the church, through a new declaration of principles, constitution and canons, allowing the church to move forward, with clearer administration and government to empower the church for missions.
    The Synod, which comprised clergy and lay delegates from the 20 local congregations and ministries of the RACB, approved the re-founding by a unanimous vote. It also elected five committees, including a committee for Christian education and one for mission and evangelism.
    The RACB also approved a major catechism, called the Catechism for the 21st century, which has 121 questions and answers. It will continue to use the 1662 catechism, with minor changes in the new edition.
    At the same time, for alternative services, the RABC approved the contemporary liturgy of the Anglican diocese of Sydney. There was a special tribute to Francisco Buzzo Rodrigues, Bishop Emeritus of the RACB and rector of a parish church in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo.
    Josep Rossello, president and moderator of the RABC, was welcomed as diocesan bishop. We thank God for such a special time; for many blessings in Christ and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
Josep Rossello


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