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Roger Fay retires after 11 years as editor, succeeded by Mike Judge

January 2019 | by John Rubens

Pastor Roger Fay
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Roger Fay has announced his retirement as Senior Editor of Evangelical Times, effective from this January 2019 issue, a post he has held for the past eleven years.

Roger’s involvement with ET stretches back over some twenty years and he will continue as Chairman of the Board for a further period.

During his time as editor he has successfully guided the paper through many changes, not least in the recent economic climate where all newspapers have experienced a decline in circulation.

As he hands over the work of editor to Mike Judge he does so in the knowledge that ET continues to be in a strong position, meeting the needs of evangelical churches at home and overseas.

During his time at ET he helped to introduce ET International, a paper to serve many churches and ministers overseas, particularly in Africa.

Roger has sought to maintain a strong theological stance of conservative evangelicalism for ET that reflected its roots and as a clarion call for evangelical churches throughout the UK in an ever-changing climate.

Roger will be missed as editor, particularly by those who have had the privilege to work alongside him. We give thanks to God for all that Roger has done over these years and for the provision of a worthy successor in Mike Judge.

We also announce that one of our directors, John Lodge, has retired from the board. We would like to thank him for his many years of service to ET.

John Rubens, director

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