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Trinitarian Bible Society holds annual meeting

January 2021 | by Jonathan Arnold

Revd R.G. Ferguson at the TBS annual meeting
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In September the Trinitarian Bible Society held its 189th AGM. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only a small number were present at the head office in South London.

Others joined online, and the Society was greatly encouraged by the large number who viewed the meeting, including those across the world normally unable to travel to London.

Business meeting reports were given on the work of TBS. During 2019 over 2.2 million Bibles, New Testaments, and Scripture portions were granted, and 7.9 million sold (of which 7 million were under licence to other publishers).

In total, Scriptures were distributed in 39 languages to 113 countries. There are also over 40 ongoing translation/revision projects – in the last twelve months the Society published several new printed editions of the Scriptures, including the Persian/Farsi and Chichewa New Testaments.

Lord willing, several projects are expected to reach significant milestones in 2021/2022, including Bibles in Shona, Simte, and Spanish, and New Testaments in Amharic (with Psalms), Chinese, and French.

Dr Michael Harrison from Armenian Ministries gave an informative and interesting report on the TBS Eastern Armenian Bible and its distribution.

In the afternoon, Revd R. G. Ferguson preached from Colossians 3:16 – ‘Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom.’

In the Lord’s goodness, the meeting – despite its unusual format – went smoothly.

The Society would like to thank all its supporters for their prayers and encourage them to continue to pray as we face further challenges ahead.

Jonathan Arnold

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