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University link-up 2016

August 2016 | by Laura Davies

Christian Unions (CUs) exist on university campuses primarily to give every student on campus the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of nationality, language, background, culture, age or religion.

CUs are part of an organisation called UCCF (University and Colleges Christian Fellowship), which helps set up events and provides resources and opportunities for each CU member to live and speak for Jesus on campus.

So what on earth could happen at an event called ‘CU Varsity’? In probably the most iconic Christian Union event in history (well, maybe!), Swansea University CU took on Cardiff University CU in a day of sporting competitions, consisting of football, rugby and volleyball.

However, the day was much more than just a friendly competition with some pretty snazzy team outfits. Before any of the competitions even began, Cardiff and Swansea CUs met together in the local Brynmill Park in Swansea for a time of prayer and worship.

This became an opportunity to give all the day’s events to God, to ask for his protection, and for our attitudes and hearts to be purely set on him that day, no matter the result.


What a privilege to be able to pray together and so freely in public! Personally, I did not take part in the events on the day, preferring the role of spectator and cheering for my fellow brothers and sisters, but I had attended some of the volleyball practices previously that term and was touched by the warm and friendly atmosphere present.

I was probably the worst player in the whole team, but there was never any negativity, or criticism towards anyone, but continual encouragement and praise shown.

It was so great to see the captains of each team glorifying God at every opportunity, whether by posting videos on Facebook, which showed how we can best exercise the sporting gifts God has given us; or whether it was a friendly text to thank each member for their participation that day.

No matter how good or bad our sports, God’s love and grace was shown throughout. It was really important to remember at an event like this to not get too wrapped up in the enjoyment and entertainment of the day, so that we neglect the opportunity to witness.

And what a great opportunity CU Varsity was to witness! The Swansea CU rugby captain had invited his team mates to play in the CU rugby match too. Through the sportsmanship, unity and love each member of the CUs showed, the Swansea CU’s rugby captain’s team mates witnessed the love of God like they had never seen it before.

Isn’t it wonderful how God opened a door for us to evangelise and show real life evidence of a group of students living for the Lord?


Despite the results of the day (Swansea won, in case you were interested!), the unity that was shown between members of Cardiff and Swansea CU throughout the day was so uplifting. I am honoured to have been a part of it and to be united in prayer and thanksgiving with so many brothers and sisters.

Let’s praise our Father for the gifts and talents he gives us. Let’s always use them for his glory and never for our own. And let’s always proclaim the love of Christ through actions as well as our words, so people can see Jesus Christ living in us. ‘SwanDiff’ forever!

‘Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!’ (Psalm 115:1).

Laura Davies

Swansea CU female president

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