Post the strongest soldiers at the weakest gate

Post the strongest soldiers at the weakest gate
Photo: Thomas Vogel / Unsplash
Tim Challies Tim Challies is an elder at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario. He is an author, book reviewer, and a co-founder of Cruciform Press, and blogs at
13 November, 2023 2 min read

The bridge was drawn, the gates were barred, the watchmen were posted to the walls. From their vantage point they observed the enemy armies draw close; they watched as the officers divided their force into ranks and regiments. They heard the great shout and looked on in trepidation as the enemy units surged forward.

Now that the great battle was at hand, the order was shouted from on high and passed from man to man: ‘Post the strongest soldiers at the weakest gate!’

Though the new man has been brought to life within us, the old man has not yet been fully and finally put to death.

Though we are clothed in Christ’s righteousness, we are still peeling away the soiled layers of our own unrighteousness.

Though we are saints, we remain sinners – sinners prone to temptation, prone to sin, prone to taking steps along the wide road that leads only to destruction.

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