Prayer is not abuse

Prayer is not abuse
Mike Judge
Mike Judge Mike Judge. Editor of Evangelical Times, and pastor of Chorlton Evangelical Church in Manchester.
24 February, 2021 1 min read

The remarks of a Conservative MP who placed ‘prayer sessions’ alongside ‘corrective rape’ are outrageous. As reported in this edition, Alicia Kearns, MP for Rutland and Melton, thinks there should be a complete ban on so-called ‘conversion therapy’. Campaigners want to ban any praying, preaching, or pastoral counselling that teaches biblical sexual ethics.

In addition, the hounding of Nelson McCausland shows there are those who want to shut down anyone who tells the truth about the power of the gospel to convert people from their former way of life. Simply sharing someone’s testimony is a sackable offence in their eyes.

Not to mention Twitter’s decision to temporarily suspend a US Christian magazine for telling the truth about President Joe Biden’s transgender nominee for federal office. In last month’s Comment column we warned such things will happen.

This newspaper and others have been warning people for a long time about the ‘cancel culture’ that seems to be spreading like a virus. But the worst thing we could do is to lockdown the gospel. Don’t be ashamed of the teachings of Christ, and don’t do the censors’ work for them. Speak with grace and wisdom, but also with boldness.

Ravi Zacharias

In the last edition (February) we published the findings of an interim report on allegations against Ravi Zacharias. Now the full report is out, the evidence against him is even more overwhelming. While we accept he is not alive to defend himself, we feel the evidence is sufficient to warrant our coverage.

Back in July 2018 we published a Comment column on sexual sin among church leaders. And we said this: ‘Evangelical Times is not interested in gossip or muck-raking. We will not publish a running commentary on mere allegations and counter allegations. But nor will we engage in any cover-ups. If things need to be said, we will use our editorial judgment.’ We stand by that commitment.

Mike Judge
Mike Judge. Editor of Evangelical Times, and pastor of Chorlton Evangelical Church in Manchester.
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