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Exploring the fascinating life of Jesus

July 2011 | by Mark Rowcroft

Exploring the fascinating life of Jesus

Roger Ellsworth
EP Books; 295 pages, £10.99; ISBN: 978-0-85234-720-1

This book is subtitled ‘From Matthew to John in ten minutes a day’. It is made up of 46 short chapters, each one dealing with a different incident from the life of Jesus Christ.
    In the introduction the author states: ‘The following chapters are not written for scholars and academics. They are rather for those who have not made up their minds about Jesus, and for those, like me, who have.
    ‘My hope is that those in the first group will come to the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ and that those in the second group will have any lingering doubts dissolved and chilled hearts warmed. I want all those who read these lines to come away with a greater sense of awe over the incomparable, inescapable Christ and with a firmer determination to live for his glory’.
    Each chapter explains and applies the passage from the Gospels being considered, and ends with a section entitled ‘Pause to reflect’. Throughout, there are lots of helpful insights, and most of the chapters contain a short section entitled ‘Time out’, which usually gives some added background information about the passage being considered.
    This would be helpful as a simple book of daily devotions, or as a basis for a series of devotional messages.
Mark Rowcroft

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