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Riches in Romania

Riches in Romania
Jacqueline Pountney
30 April, 2013 2 min read
Riches in Romania

Rebecca Parkinson
Day One Publications
112 pages, £6.00
ISBN: 978-1-84625-360-7
Star Rating: 4 stars

This is a storybook in a Day One series called ‘Faith Finders’, which has an underlying gospel message. It seems to be aimed at children aged 8-12 years, although no indication of a target age range is given by the publisher.

It is well written, focusing on the lives of two separate families, one from England and one from Romania. The lives of the two ten-year-old girls, Jenny and Ivonia, provide the focus, as they meet in Romania where Jenny’s father is helping to set up a potato farm.

They are from two completely different backgrounds, yet find common ground in the daily routine of school and play. The author does, however, provide a thought-provoking disparity between the two families, with the English family prone to arguments between Jenny and her brother that require loud admonition from their parents.

The Romanian family appears to live in complete harmony, despite living in a small house with only three sparsely furnished rooms. It is perhaps unrealistic to believe that there is little or no conflict in any family life!

However, this disparity serves its purpose in demonstrating Jenny’s need for a Saviour. Ivonia witnesses to her through her daily life, helped by the testimony of a former Communist guard who is the guide and helper for Jenny’s family for their two week trip to Romania.

The story line flows well and it is a satisfying read. It is detailed enough about life in Romania to give the reader a good understanding of how hard life is for Ivonia and her family.

It also shows the joy that Christ brings when Jenny discovers that forgiveness is freely given. Lives can be transformed by Christ whether they are Romanian or English, rich or poor.

I think this book has taken the concept of Christian storytelling for children into the modern age and many children will be able to relate well to the storyline, with the added bonus of a clear gospel message running as a thread throughout.

It is easy to read and printed in the clear recognisable style that has come to characterise Day One books. I recommend it!

Jacqueline Pountney

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