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Should I take my child to Sunday sports clubs?

Should I take my child to Sunday sports clubs?
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Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker Jeremy is the pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church in Crawley.
27 May, 2022 3 min read

We all value biblical advice from our elders, the first ones to whom we turn for counsel. Jeremy Walker outlines the kind of answer he might give to a question received at the chapel door.

Most sports clubs and even some school sport is now on Sunday. Is it not good to take my children along, as long as it doesn’t clash with church too much? I don’t want them to be negative about church and surely they need to use the sporting gifts God has given.

I really feel for you on this one! I well remember the day I found out the county trials for rugby were on the Lord’s day, and I knew what that meant for my progression in the sport. Many others have felt this pressure. It’s not easy, but consider what is at stake. These kinds of decisions establish priorities and set precedents, sometimes for a lifetime, especially in a society where sports and sporting excellence have become something of an idol.

Remember, Sunday isn’t about the Lord’s hour. It is the Lord’s day, and the whole of it is his gift to us.
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