Summer Conference 2012

Dewi Higham Dewi Higham is the pastor of Tabernacle, Cardiff
01 September, 2012 1 min read

Summer Conference 2012

In one of the coldest summers of recent years, the sun shone on Summer Conference 2012 at Cardiff, with wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures in the high 20s throughout the week.
   The Lord also warmed our hearts with messages from Vernon Higham, John Murray and Richard Brooks. Jonathan Munday and Neil Pfeiffer opened and closed the conference with gospel preaching.
   Some of the delegates’ comments captured the sense of blessing: ‘The best Summer Conference yet!’; ‘a week of Sabbaths’; ‘like dying and going to heaven’.
   This year’s themes were ‘Song of Songs’, ‘godly living’ and ‘waiting for the dawning’. Somehow these blended into one. The messages are available online or can be purchased in CD format.
   The kindness of many English-speaking delegates was good to see, as they supported the Welsh language services where Vernon and Alun Higham preached. They were able to follow a simultaneous translation. The gospel sounds good in all languages!
   The spiritual singing has often been a feature of the Summer conferences. It seemed that the preaching was increasingly having an effect on the hymn singing, culminating with stirring praise to God in the last service on Friday evening.
   Many remarked on the blessing of the sung benediction of Psalm 72:17-19 which closed the conference — ‘And blessed be his glorious name to all eternity; the whole earth let his glory fill. Amen, so let it be’.
   All in all, it was a happy conference. The enjoyment of fellowship was evident. It felt as if those who came brought the blessing with them. We pray they may take back the blessing of this conference to the many churches represented.
   We look forward to the Summer Conference 2013, with Vernon Higham, Joel Beeke and Maurice Roberts as the main speakers.
Dewi Higham

Dewi Higham is the pastor of Tabernacle, Cardiff
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