Survival story

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
31 May, 2012 1 min read

Survival story

A woman from Georgia, US, has given an account of her ‘terrifying ordeal’ a year after she was caught up in powerful tornadoes in southern US that killed 300 people and was taken for dead.
   In an Associated Press report Glynis Lawson told of how the last thing she remembered was seeking shelter in her closet before a twister ripped her house apart, in DeKalb County, Georgia.
   Rescuers later found her battered body among the debris where her home once stood, and she was mistakenly pronounced dead at the scene.
   After her body was delivered to the Dade Health and Rehabilitation Center in Trenton, she was put into a body bag in a makeshift morgue. However, according to her interview, it was the quick thinking of nurse supervisor Dana Culpepper that saved her.
   Ms Culpepper was working in the morgue when she heard a muffled moaning coming from one of the body bags. She immediately put Ms Lawson on an IV drip and stopped the flow of blood. The victim had suffered severe injuries, including a broken hip, a hole in her back and a dislocated shoulder.
   In a TV interview, Glynis Lawson said, ‘I guess my miracle escape was God’s way of keeping me here to make sure my dad was okay’.
   Her father, who was critically ill at the time, was able to spend six more months with his daughter before he died last December.

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