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The hitch-hiker’s guide to heaven

The hitch-hiker’s guide to heaven
Andrew Holland Andrew Holland is Pastor at Ashton Baptist Church, Preston.
30 June, 2014 2 min read

The hitch-hiker’s guide to heaven
John Blanchard
EP Books, 304 pages, £10.99
ISBN: 978-0-85234-938-0
Star rating : 4

Many people today have more of Marvin — the depressive robot created by Douglas Adams — than marvel in them, concerning life. God made man a living being; he made him to live!

For the Christian, the prospect of unending life is truly marvellous. Heaven ought to be more in our thoughts. John Blanchard has written another excellent book to put it there more firmly and more often.

This is a useful book for all believers. It is interesting and informative and deals nicely with some tricky areas associated with heaven and the life to come. From the start, Blanchard reminds us that this life is not the main act. It is but a prequel to what’s to come — a life unending in duration and overflowing in fulness.

Eminent theologians over hundreds of years have done little to enthuse us about heaven. It is a Cinderella doctrine, from which the ugly sisters ‘here’ and ‘now’ are trying to steal the show. Thankfully, this book should focus our attention in the right place.

Thoroughly biblical and wholesome The hitch-hiker’s guide to heaven does not stray from what the Scriptures teach about our eternal home. If you’re into fanciful visions, then look elsewhere!

Blanchard’s take on heaven brims with apt scriptural quotes and comparisons between the Old and New Testaments. These are all designed to get us thinking correctly. We should be excited; we should rejoice over what God has done for us and what lies ahead.

This guide to heaven calls us to be joyful at the prospect. Linking the teaching of the whole of the Bible with God’s final word in Revelation, Blanchard guides us through heavenly delights and realities.

It is not an exhaustive work, but it is comprehensive, and full of faithful biblical teaching. The material is organised clearly, with appropriate quotes and illustrations from both inside and outside Scripture. The reading is straightforward and edifying, having that Blanchard ‘pull you through’ quality. Read and enjoy it!

Andrew Holland

Andrew Holland is Pastor at Ashton Baptist Church, Preston.
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