The Life and Teaching of Jesus Explained and Applied

The Life and Teaching of Jesus Explained and Applied
Ben Hutton
Ben Hutton Ben is Pastor at Thornhill Baptist Church, West Yorkshire
05 September, 2022 1 min read

Author: Gareth Crossley
Publisher: Published independently
477 pages
Purchase from: Revealing Christ (£12.00)

This hardback is an understandable follow-on from the author’s previous work, The Old Testament Explained and Applied, and the current volume is up to the same high standard.

In this book we are taken to the four Gospels and shown various events from the life of our Lord. At the beginning we have a harmony of the Gospels, going through the different stages of Christ’s life. Each account is given a page or two, expounding and applying the event in hand. These are thoughtful explanations undergirded by reliable commentators and exegetes. 134 occasions are covered all told, constituting most of the book.

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