The pearl of great price – ministry on Madeira

The pearl of great price – ministry on Madeira
Jason Murfitt Jason, with his family, began missionary work in Madeira in 2021.
07 September, 2022 5 min read

I was born into the sixth generation of a family of preachers, and I was graciously saved as a young child. But this was no guarantee that many of the world’s snares would be avoided.

As an adult I worked for five years in the British film industry, and was by then a fully-fledged hippy. I had begun to sink into the quicksand of the drug culture.

Aged 24 I travelled from Kent to Cornwall to rededicate my life to the Lord. After a year of prayer to discern what God would have me do with the rest of my life, he called me to be a missionary to the ribeirinhos (river-people) and to an Indian tribe deep in the Brazilian rainforest.

A few months later I found myself face-to-face with an aged saint called Ban Forsyth (then in his late 90s) who had formerly spent many years serving in Brazil.

It was a fascinating evening in which I was informed that not only would I have to cut my hippy hair, but that my host had written a book called The Wolf from Scotland.


The story tells of a doctor called Kalley who travelled from Scotland to Madeira in 1838. Soon after his arrival he began attending not only to people’s physical needs, but also to their spiritual needs by preaching and importing Bibles.

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