Travel with Robert Murray McCheyne

Travel with Robert Murray McCheyne
Travel with Robert Murray McCheyne
John Peters
01 September, 2007 1 min read

Robert Murray McCheyne (1814–43), one of evangelicalism’s most august figures, died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 29. His public ministry was condensed into an eight year period – beginning with his first sermon on 1 July 1835 and reaching its zenith in a glorious revival in Dundee, where he was minister of St Peter’s (Church of Scotland).This revival, which affected almost every section of Dundee society, is viewed as a classic outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Its influence was extensive and stirred up considerable interest in Scotland.McCheyne has been accurately described as one of the ‘overlooked shapers of evangelicalism’. He was a gifted student, pastor, teacher, poet and hymn-writer (he wrote Jesu Tsidkenu). All these enriching qualities were bound together by his unequivocal recognition that God, in his grace, is the creative source of all such blessings.This guide to the key locations in McCheyne’s short but fruitful life will be warmly welcomed by all interested in the true nature and outworking of revival. Like each of the books in this series, it is fastidiously researched and lavishly illustrated.The author identifies several reasons for McCheyne’s continuing influence. These include his gentle personality, integrity, devotion to prayer, deep commitment to the Bible, and personal holiness. McCheyne’s example is both a challenge and an encouragement to all engaged in the fight of faith.To travel with McCheyne, in the company of this well-written and balanced book, is a privilege.

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