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Why I am not an Atheist

Why I am not an Atheist
Richard Turner Richard is the pastor at Hyde Street Chapel, Winchester.
31 July, 2014 1 min read

Why I am not an atheist
Edited by David J. Randall
Christian Focus Publications, 186 pages, £9.99
ISBN: 978-1-78191-270-6
Star rating : 5

Living, as we do, in an increasingly secular and sceptical society, we should be thankful for any tools that help us to bring the truth of the gospel to those for whom God is simply not on their agenda. This book is such a tool.

Eleven contributors from various walks of life seek to explain in a courteous and reasonable way why they are decided Christians. The diversity of the contributors, including a biologist, psychiatrist and journalist, is perhaps more likely to arouse the interest of people than if it were written by pastors and theologians alone.

The preface sets the tone, with such statements as, ‘We do not claim any kind of superiority to anyone else’ and ‘We do not approach this subject with any kind of belligerence or aggression, much less hatred, towards people who describe themselves as atheists’.

Books on apologetics can be heavy-going, but these papers, ranging from five to ten pages in length, largely escape this charge. However, some prior understanding of the arguments against Christianity will add to the value gained from reading this book.

The title indicates that it is written as a response to the famous lecture by Bertrand Russell given in 1927, Why I am not a Christian. Since those days, the tide of unbelief in this land has risen greatly and proponents of atheism have become much more vocal, so the need for books like this has never been greater.

In conclusion, Christians who read this will be better equipped to face the objections to their faith and fulfil Peter’s injunction of 1 Peter 3:15. Further, the prayerful placing of this book in the hands of unbelievers who are prepared to be challenged may well be the means under God of
doing them everlasting good. I warmly recommend it.

Richard Turner

Richard is the pastor at Hyde Street Chapel, Winchester.
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