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With God all things are possible

With God all things are possible
Julia Milner
31 March, 2015 2 min read

Maureen Wise’s account of God’s work in present-day Romania and Moldavia concludes with these words: ‘In days of spiritual dearth in the UK, there is encouragement to be found in discovering something of His work in other lands’ (p.245). How true that statement is!

This book gives an account of individual conversions and mass revivals, despite great opposition to the gospel, in a land once under communist rule. Unjust oppression of Romanian and Moldavian Christians included limiting education and jobs to those who had sold out to the communist dream.

The cost of following Christ in such a society was high. Yet, God was there in the midst of such unfairness and injustice. The conversion stories of individuals that God used as vehicles of salvation are amazing — for example, preaching during a funeral procession through the town of one woman led to the conversion of many.

This book reminded me of accounts of nineteenth and twentieth century UK revivals, yet these all happened within the last few years and in a different land. It is exciting to learn how our ‘God of ages past’ still works in amazing ways today.

The book is not just about the spiritual awakening and conversions of many. It primarily focuses on the humanitarian need in a post-communist society where physically and mentally disabled people have little or no value. As a result, these ‘burdens on society’ are shut away in institutions under appalling conditions.

Maureen and a team of Moldavian Christians decided to do something about this. They set up three homes to demonstrate Jesus’ love for the unloved, by providing respite from their awful circumstances and by helping them integrate into a local community and church family.

This was no smooth process, but each obstacle was overcome by prayer and the intervention of a prayer-answering, omnipotent God.

Before the book ends, there is a challenge to British readers. How are we living today? Do we anticipate Christ’s coming and live in the light of it? Read and be encouraged by this book. Give thanks to our God, who is actively working in amazing ways, because with God, all things are possible.

Julia Milner


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