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Your future ‘other half’

Your future ‘other half’
Linda Rowell
30 June, 2014 1 min read

Your future ‘other half’

Rebecca VanDoodewaard
Christian Focus Publications, 128 pages, £5.99
ISBN: 978-1-78191-298-0
Star Rating : 5

‘It is all very well to fall in love with a “hunk” but before you do, you need to ask yourself … a hunk of what?’ The writer of this book, aimed particularly at young women, seeks to advise what qualities are essential for a Christian woman to look for in a prospective ‘other half’.

In the time it would take to watch a romantic DVD you could read this book! It is a small book that contains a big message. Though it will not ensure you live ‘happily ever after’ (that can only come in glory!), it could help you to have a much happier and more God-honouring life here and now.

Before you begin a new relationship, keep struggling with an existing one, or battle to cope with singleness, it would be well worth while to buy and read this book. Being single is much better than being in a bad marriage.

It will not only challenge you about what sort of man you want to marry, but also whether you yourself will be the right sort of wife. If you are concerned about God-honouring and faithful marriages, then giving this book as a gift could be a way of making a real difference.

Linda Rowell


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