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A night to be remembered - what Dr Lloyd-Jones really said.

It seemed as though it might be an uneventful night in London … The many Christians who made their way to the Central Hall, Westminster for the opening of the Second National Assembly of Evangelicals were totally unaware of how eventful that meeting would be.

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'Your eyes shall see the King in his beauty' (Isaiah 33:17)

Let us meditate on the marvellous thought that the time is coming when we — poor, sinful mortals that we are — will be able to see with our physical eyes the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ.

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'Though he died, he still speaks'

A man with a burning desire to take the gospel to Korea...

Having secured passage as an interpreter on an American armed trading ship. As the ship sailed along the Taedong River, he distributed Chinese Bibles, portions of Scripture and tracts to people standing on the banks.

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Thoughts on Remembrance

After attending many remembrance parades and memorial services I find that the subject of Christian hope is crucial to remembrance.

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'The Lord led me'

What road should I take?

Open doors, fleeces, peace and impressions... How can we be sure of God's will?

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