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Is the Bible reliable?

Do you ever wonder if the Bible is really reliable? After all, it all happened so long ago that maybe you doubt that the Biblical accounts really happened?  If so there’s a very simple experiment that anyone in the Western world can perform. All you need to do is to get hold of a Bible printed before 1798.

But what is so significant about 1798?

That is the year when Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821) conquered Egypt. 

Maybe you're wondering how that proves the Bible to be reliable?

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Physical healing in the atonement?

Is it God’s plan for all Christians to enjoy perfect health at all times?  

If we are ill, is it really because of our own lack of faith in laying hold of the blessings provided by Christ’s death?

Let's explore what the Bible has to say about this...

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Is tolerance a Christian virtue?

In our modern society, ‘toleration’ is held up as a good, even ‘Christian’ virtue. Not too long ago an incensed father was quoted in Metro when his son George was prohibited from joining the scouts due to professed atheism. Said Mr Pratt, ‘Christianity is meant to be about being tolerant, forgiving and understanding’.

But is this true? Is blanket ‘tolerance’ really the character of the Christian God?

Read on to explore this subject with Timothy Cross...

Found by Christ

Michael Phelan - a man set free from Roman Catholicism, agnosticism and the occult.  

God used an accidental purchase and a fear of looking stupid to bring him to the knowledge of the Truth!

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