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Ofsted closes in on churches

 Prime Minister David Cameron warned in 2015, ‘If an institution is teaching children intensively, whatever its religion, we will make it register; and, if it is teaching intolerance, we will shut you down’

With no clear definition of intolerance forthcoming is is easy to see the danger to freedom of religion in this proposed legislation.

As Nola Leach, CARE’s chief executive and head of policy, says, ‘Given the hostility of Ofsted to Christian and Jewish schools in the last year, it is hard to imagine them taking kindly to a church teaching that Jesus is the only way to God’.

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The great question,
 and the equally great answer

Pointlessness, Doubt, Despair, Suicide...

What is the question that everyone born into this world needs to ask?
Why it is so rarely asked?

Surely being a real and vibrant witness to the Lord Jesus will make us a target for life’s essential questions, for the essential question?

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'You must be born again'

Do you ever feel that somehow the Lord Jesus ends up being a stage prop when you are witnessing instead of being the centre and substance of everything?  

What can we learn from the example of the Lord Jesus when he witnesses to Nicodemus?

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The historical Adam (3): does it matter?


Scriptural Authority, the uniqueness of man, the way of salvation... how do these relate to the historical Adam?

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