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50 years of creationism

If this was a school report, our assessment might be: ‘Encouraging start. But be prepared for the significant challenges that lie ahead!’


Essential truth

In four addresses on ‘What is an evangelical?’ Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones reminded his hearers of the vital distinction between what he called ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ biblical truths.

This was an impassioned call to define the heart of the gospel and so help safeguard the precious gift of evangelical unity among believers.

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Our gospel

The gospel of salvation by the sovereign grace of God in Christ alone was certainly the apostle Paul's gospel, and it should also be our gospel today.

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30 years of sharing the love of Jesus

As Evangelical Times celebrates its 50th anniversary, Caring For Life (CfL) is looking back over 30 years of sharing the love of Jesus, and is in awe at God’s goodness.

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