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Anne Boleyn

 Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s ill-fated second wife, features in many books and television programmes today. However, much of what is portrayed and written there only loosely touches base with the facts. 

Many appraisals perpetuate the myth that Anne Boleyn was an immoral woman who seduced Henry VIII away from his rightful wife, for the advancement of her family and personal gain. The known facts suggest a different story.

Anne lived in difficult and dangerous times. There was no certainty that the Reformation would win the day in England, and despite her apparent evangelical faith there were few she could look to as mentors in the rapidly changing political and religious situation. 

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Creation ministry in Poland

Paul Garner has just returned from his latest trip, where he was speaking alongside Professors Andy McIntosh and Steve Taylor.

Paul Garner

Are there apostles today?

This is a vital question, since, in our own day, extraordinary claims are sometimes made and extraordinary practices undertaken on the basis that a contemporary ministry is supposed to be ‘apostolic’.  To answer the question, we must first look carefully at the teaching of Scripture, to see what the biblical qualifications of New Testament apostles really were.

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