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Church assembly melted to repentance

‘Therefore be it resolved, that the 44th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America does recognize, confess, condemn and repent of corporate and historical sins, including those committed during the Civil Rights era, and continuing racial sins of ourselves and our fathers...

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The government’s counter-extremism measures have been roundly criticised by a joint committee of MPs.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights has voiced serious reservations, taking issue with the lack of detail, timetable or contents for the legislation.

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Law and gospel

The sinner can hear the gospel but it has no relevance to him unless he knows his need.

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James Clerk Maxwell

 Do you recognise this man? Most people asked this question for a BBC documentary did not... even though they were standing under his statue!

Meet Scotland's forgotten Einstein, the man of faith and science who paved the way for modern technology.

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'The Lord led me'

What road should I take?

Open doors, fleeces, peace and impressions... How can we be sure of God's will?

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