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Education – Reformed partnership

May 2017

The John Owen Centre (JOC) at London Seminary and the US-based Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary have forged a strategic partnership to set up a doctoral study centre.

The PhD programme will focus on the writings of Puritan and other Reformed thinkers, and comes in response to a growing trend among pastors, churches and academics to study these documents. According to a joint statement, there is a ‘growing recognition of the fervency and universality of a biblical, Reformed, and experiential message’.

The centre will provide access for those studying at London Seminary to the considerable resources of the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in this field. From Summer 2017, the centre will begin offering a PhD programme in Reformation and Post-Reformation historical theology.

The programme is a six year, part-time PhD, consisting of twelve courses, the study of two research languages and a dissertation. It is intended to be accessible and affordable for those in full-time ministry, with several significant scholarships available each year. The taught modules will be available in Grand Rapids, at the JOC and online.

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