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Education – Creation in America

April 2017

Creationist and scientist, Andy McIntosh, gave a series of Christian talks in Georgia and Florida, USA, during February this year.

It was his third visit to Fayetteville near Atlanta, where he was with pastor Hank Rast and Heritage Reformed Baptist Church who were seeking to reach out using creation. As with many of these meetings, it is often the case that one is grounding believers in the creation message from the Bible, as well as reaching the outsider.

Prof. McIntosh wrote: ‘After speaking to the church men on Saturday 4 February, stressing the centrality of Christ, we later had the first public meeting on ‘The wonder of hearing’ on the Saturday.

‘We taught the importance of creation and its connection to the infallibility of Scripture, in the Sunday school hour before the service that Sunday morning. Sometimes one senses that the people are really with you and that morning I was humbled to sense this as there was a very good listening. It is so important we connect the creation message with the person of Christ and his authority’.

On the Monday, he went to a Georgia State University outreach meeting, run by Ratio Christi, where he spent a long while trying to reason with a Roman Catholic, who was not prepared to take the Word of God without the extra interpretive rule of the Roman Catholic Church.

Majoring on the feather

The next day, Tuesday 7 February, he went to Trinity Christian School, where 300 listened attentively to a talk on ‘The intricacies of flight’. ‘I majored on the feather. I love to say that it only needs the weight of a feather to knock over evolutionary stories, such is the sophistication of the way a feather is constructed’.

On 8 February, he went on to Florida, first of all doing a meeting in a church close to the University of Florida in Gainesville, on ‘The wonder of hearing’. The next day, 9 February, there was a meeting against atheism at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, run by the Baptist Collegiate Ministries group. Prof. McIntosh commented, ‘This led to a very worthwhile conversation with an unbeliever, who was really seeking and close to the kingdom’.

On 10 February, he did a talk at a Christian school in Leesburg, Central Florida, on ‘The intricacies of flight’, and there was great attention from the 4,000 or so students present, with a number coming to speak to him afterwards.

Over the weekend of 10-12 February, Prof. McIntosh said: ‘It was a privilege to work with Fellowship Church at Leesburg. There was a series of meetings, with myself, Dr Jobe Martin, Mike Riddle and Steve Hendrickson. We all gave three talks across the weekend.

‘It is evident there is a real thirst for this ministry. Please pray others in the UK and USA will take seriously a career in science and speak out as believers against the evolutionary juggernaut that is sweeping our nations’.