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Religion – Humanist ceremonies 

February 2017

Humanist ceremonies are becoming more popular in the UK, new statistics have shown. Figures from pollsters YouGov have revealed nearly 15 million people in Britain have attended a humanist ceremony, while nearly seven million want a humanist funeral when they die.

This comes as the UK government faces calls to give humanist weddings legal recognition in England and Wales. Isabel Russo, head of ceremonies at the British Humanists Association, said: ‘People choose us because they want a meaningful non-religious ceremony that genuinely reflects the values they hold. Working with a trained celebrant, our clients mark the most significant moments in their lives, be it the naming of a child, a marriage, or the death of someone close.

‘There is only one chance to get it right and we work hard to fulfil the needs of those we work with, to make each ceremony the best it can be free from the constraints of a religious context’.

Humanist marriages are legally recognised in Scotland, but are not yet legally recognised in England and Wales.

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